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Paul Ryan's anti-poverty plan? Steal your pension.

Remember before Trump came along Democrats used to talk about the GOP's long tradition of taking some horrible idea and packaging it in a way that would trick you into accepting it? Like changing the estate tax to the "death tax" to protect the wealthy at our expense?

Well, while you are distracted by Trump, they are still trying to destroy you.

Paul Ryan just recently unveiled the GOP's latest "anti-poverty plan," and buried in the plan is an attempt to block the "fiduciary rule."

Obama JUST VETOED a GOP attempt to block it a few days ago.

This new rule goes into effect in 2018 and protects you in the following way: financial advisers will be required to only give you retirement advice that is to your benefit. Right now they can trick you into choosing other retirement options that give them more commission but leave you with less money in your retirement years.

Anyone who thinks there's no difference between the GOP and the DNC is a victim waiting to happen. Who has been protecting you from the Republicans taking this protection from you? OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS. Just as they've been protecting your from all kinds of things you never knew about.

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