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Texas Supreme Court says home-schooling parents do not need to teach anything if they believe they will soon be taken up to Heaven in "The Rapture." This is NOT a joke. It's Texas.

This is NOT a joke.

The Texas Supreme Court has cleared the way for religious ignorance to be passed on to Lone Star State children by doing…absolutely nothing. A lower court ruling allowed for Texas homeschoolers to legally teach their children absolutely zilch if they believe their family is waiting to be raptured.
Yes, you heard that right. Your children don’t need to learn if the Lord is returning to take you to heaven. It makes sense if you’re a lunatic, but to those of us who have watched with giddy delight as people stood on their lawns on the day the rapture was supposed to happen only to have their dreams shattered, you realize that at some point that kind of idiocy should be forbidden to be passed down to their children.

Not the religious nonsense; you’re welcome to teach them all the zealotry you desire. There’s always a chance that can be undone when they begin having independent thought. Refusing to educate them, however, isn’t just a travesty, it’s neglect. A lower court ruled in favor of a couple whose family turned them in for just that when they argued that being horrible parents was protected under the 14th amendment. The high court remanded the case to that court because its constitutional questions weren’t educational policy matters, whatever that means. They didn’t rule on the constitutionality of the case at all.

We can only assume that it means that the state of Texas is stacked with dimwits to the highest level. They care about nothing but keeping Republicans in control. In order to do that, you have to ensure a base of ignorant, uneducated people who can be trained to punch a ballot based on pure hate for the poor — even if they ARE poor — minorities, LGBTs and anyone who isn’t a white-Jesus fearing Christian. Add a little fear of terrorists crossing the border with grenade launchers and you have a massive electoral stash willing to put corruption in power until the end of time.

For those of you who are not familiar with "The Rapture" -- the rapture is a fundamental belief by certain evangelical, fundamentalist Protestant sects.  These people believe that one day Jesus will descend from Heaven and call to him all true believers who then will be swept up to Heaven with him.  They believe, when "The Rapture" occurs:  if a true believer is driving, the car will suddenly be driverless; if the true believer is an airline pilot, suddenly the airplane will be without a pilot -- only an empty seat; true believers will suddenly just disappear, leaving the rest of us behind.

If you are interested in learning more about this nonsense, use Google.

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