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Rob Wittman: Gutless

Here in Virginia's First Congressional District, we all know our "representative" Rob Wittman to be a "nice man" who is just a bit dim.  Wittman wins because this district is reliably Republican.

Now we learn that Wittman is gutless, in addition to being not too bright.

Don’t look for Tom Davis in Cleveland. The former Republican congressman from Virginia, who attended the past six GOP conventions, will be rooting for the home team at Nationals Park this week, not cheering on Donald Trump at Quicken Loans Arena.

“The Dodgers are here for a three-game series. I’m going to the Nats games,” said Davis, who was Virginia chairman of Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s failed presidential bid. “I just don’t feel it this year.”
As a crucial swing state, Virginia was well represented at the Republican National Convention four years ago. Most of the commonwealth’s GOP stars made their way to Tampa to witness Mitt Romney’s nomination, albeit with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

It will be a different story this time, as Trump becomes the GOP’s standard bearer.

Former governor George Allen, who backed Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida in this spring’s primary, will be camping out West. Only one of Virginia’s eight Republican members of the U.S. House will attend for sure: Rep. Rob Wittman, who as a 2017 candidate for Virginia governor needs to hobnob with state activists and out-of-state donors. He got behind Trump only when the billionaire’s last rival dropped out, releasing a statement that managed not to use the name “Trump.”
 Rob Wittman has just sold his soul to the Trump devil.

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