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Latest McClatchy poll is BRUTAL to Trump. He is going DOWN.

  • Obama approval at +13 (it was +0 a year ago)
  • Country going in the wrong direction at +25 (it was +43 a month ago)
  • 90% of Democrats say they will support their party's ticket vs. 79% of Republicans
  • Independents break for Clinton by 6 points (37/31)
  • Clinton leads households making less than $50K by 15 points, and > $50K by 19 points
  • Clinton leads every age group except 60+ by double digits, and 60+ she leads by 8
  • Clinton leads men by 12 points, women by 20
  • Trump takes white voters 41/39 (much worse than Romney did with whites)
  • Clinton leads among African Americans by 91 points (yes, really: not 91 to something: 93 to 2) and among Latinos by 29 points
  • Also, Clinton leads landline interviewees by 4, and cell phone interviewees by 24
  • The only crosstab Trump won was military veterans

Interestingly, the July poll had Clinton up by just 3 points, 42 to 39. Clinton's support has risen 6 points, and Trump's has fallen 6 points ("other" and "neither" are basically unchanged)

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