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Let's see if I understand this

John Kerry served in Vietnam and legitimately was awarded Purple Hearts.  At the 2004 Republican National Convenstion, Tea Partiers wore "purple heart band aids" in a mocking reference to his service and war wounds.

Tammy Duckworth, who lost both legs in Iraq and was awarded the Purple Heart, is accused by her Republican opponent of using her war wound disability as sympathy to garner votes.

Donald Trump, who was a child of privilege and who skirted military service altogether, is given a Purple Heart which he has no fucking business whatsoever accepting, gets ohhs and ahhs from his supporters -- and now the Montross Tea Party has pledged their support to him.  This is the same Montross Tea Party that just loves to hold "patriotic events" that "honor" veterans.

Republicans and Tea Partiers:  TRASH.  IGNORANT, DECEITFUL TRASH.

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