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CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A history of “sexist” comments about women may be dogging the Trump camp, but Sneed is told a female feud has erupted between Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of the Donald, and her father’s newest campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.

• At issue: Conway admitting on the “The View” she had chided and scolded Donald Trump over the recent female fallout.

• The buck shot: Sneed is told Ivanka was irritated because “she knew no one scolds her father, least of all Kellyanne Conway,” a Trump insider said.

“Ivanka is exceptionally concerned about her personal brand,” the source said. “Ivanka is a savvy businesswoman with a line of clothing, jewelry and shoes that she wants to protect; doesn’t believe her father is sexist; and is not happy with Conway’s comments,” the source added.

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