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Center for American Homeless Veterans: BEWARE

Over the past few days, I have received three phone calls from this number:  217-329-1332.  On Sunday afternoon, I finally answered only to be greeted by a man telling me he was calling on behalf of the "Association for Homeless and Disabled Veterans."

A little Google searching discovered that this "Association" is part of the "Center for American Homeless Veterans."  On their website is a link to their 2014 IRS Form 990.

First, a word about the 990.  Non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organizations are required to file a "tax return" with the IRS . . . this is the Form 990.  They are required to release their 990 to anyone who asks.  Most non-profits simply post their 990's online.

The Form 990 for the "Center for American Homeless Veterans" tells me all I need to know about these people.  For 2014:
  • Total Contributions and Grants:  $2,126,709
  • Total Fundraising Expenses:  $1,898,798
So -- they spent 89 PERCENT of their income on fundraising.

Oh, but wait . . . it gets worse.  Scroll down their 990 to page 17 where you find the identity of their fundraisers.  Turns out, they REALLY received $2,735,721 from fundraising and spent $2,451,908 on fundraising.  Thus, almost every penny they raised went into the pockets of their fundraisers.

This is how these people work.  On the 990 you see they paid their CEO, Major Brian Hampton, $99,103 plus $23,897 in 2014 . . . $123,000 salary per year.  Not bad.  HOWEVER -- you can be certain "Major Brian Hampton" owns or is part-owner of the organizations that are raising funds for the "Center for American Homeless Veterans."  And you can be assured he's raking in a BIG salary from the fundraisers.

My advice?  Stay away from this crowd.

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  1. Very good scrutiny. These leeches are crooks, no matter what they call their organization.