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Horn Harbor Seafood Restaurant is AWFUL

We live in Northumberland County, VA -- moved here in 2007.  We have dined at Horn Harbor Seafood Restaurant six times.  The first time, I swore we would never return, however, for some reason, my wife wants to go to Horn Harbor.

We dined there on Friday, Nov 16, and it was such an awful experience now even she will not return.

What's wrong?

1.  Overpriced.  When I drop close to $100 in a restaurant, I expect the food to be edible.  It's not
2.  Everything is frozen.  I had flounder.  It was tasteless and had the consistency of mush.  French fries were dry, like eating straw.  Her rockfish was the same . . . mushy, hardly recognizable as fish.  I had the crab cakes once . . . tasted like sawdust.
3.  The place is loud, crowded, and dirty.
4.  Service is pitiful.  Our waitress was a heavy smoker and smelled like cigarette smoke . . . I almost gagged every time she came to the table.

In fact, looking back at the six times we have been to Horn Harbor, I have never had decent food.  For some reason my wife thought the place was great.  She told me after our experience last night that we will not go back.  Thank God.


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