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RIP: "First District Freedom Coaltion"

The Old Redneck lives in one of the six counties that comprise Virginia's Northern Neck.  We are cursed to be controlled by republicans at the local, state, and national level.  We have been home to two active Tea Parties -- the 99th District and Montross Tea Parties.

Both 99th and Montross Tea Parties are on life support . . . 8 - 10 people attend their meetings and the meetings are nothing but same-old-same-old.  In July 2016, a new organization appeared, the First District Freedom Coalition, named for the First Congressional District which encompasses the Northern Neck.

The FDFC tried to have an inaugural meeting . . . they failed when their anti-Muslim guest speaker didn't show up.  Now the FDFC Facebook page has disappeared.  RIP, FDFC.  Good riddance.

Meanwhile, the 99th District Tea Party Facebook page has not been updated since April 2015 and their website has been defunct since early 2016.  The Montross Tea Party continues to update their Facebook and Twitter pages from time to time, however, they can attract only 9 members to their meetings.

Old, rightwing white people are fading fast.

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