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Do these people take stupid pills every day??

A South Carolina legislator has introduced a bill that will require all computers sold in SC to have software installed that will block access to porn sites.

People buying computers in South Carolina would be limited in their access to porn online under newly proposed legislation. 

A bill pre-filed this month by state Rep. Bill Chumley would require sellers to install digital blocking capabilities on computers and other devices that access the internet to prevent the viewing of obscene content. 
The proposal also would prohibit access to any online hub that facilities prostitution and would require manufacturers or sellers to block any websites that facilitate trafficking. 

Both sellers and buyers could get around the limitation, for a fee. The bill would fine manufacturers that sell a device without the blocking system, but they could opt out by paying $20 per device sold. Buyers could also verify their age and pay $20 to remove the filter. 
It's nice to know that for $20, you can watch all the porn you want.

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