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Donald Trump: The "facade" president

Just like the gold gilt on the walls of his Trump Tower residence, Trump will be a “façade” president. He’s not interested in the real job and doesn’t even understand it.

What does he want?  The fun and the rewards of being POTUS. The adulation. He wants the elite people, who’ve been condescending and didn’t really accept him in the select clubs, to now kiss his ass.

Oh, from time to time he will do what he thinks is a “presidential” thing, like this stupid deal with Carrier (which by the way will create a precedent and inspire other companies to blackmail the administration for tax cuts).

Pence, indeed, will have a lot of power. Also will the chief of staff, the NSC, the Pentagon and the State Department. That will mean lots of turf battles and chaos.

Meanwhile, Trump will continue his demagoguery and his whipping up fear and false pride in “country."  I hope at least lots of his supporters will be able to see through the bullshit after a while. Because I don’t have any illusions about the media doing its job.

One thing for sure, I just can’t bare the idea of Trump pulling a “Reagan” with the help of a corrupted Washington and a very weak media. I mean… The Reagan administration did a lot of damage to the country, especially during the second term,  Reagan wasn’t in control. And yet, there is this myth, this aura around him because he was good at making a good portion of Americans feel “good” about a certain vision of America. A distorted and shallow vision that bares no comparison with the more realistic and complex yet optimistic and uplifting vision that President Obama presents to all of us.

Barack Obama is the epitome of a statesman.  Trump is an irresponsible moron. 

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  1. Now comes word that Carrier will take the tax money and put it in automation, eliminating some of the jobs Trump bragged he saved.