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Here it comes . . . get ready

Until two years ago General Sir Richard Shirreff was NATO deputy supreme commander. Last year he wrote a book: 2017: War With Russia as a warning of imminent peril. (A review is in the current issue of the New York Review of Books,

For the NATO second in command war is coming in weeks when Russian forces sweep in and annex eastern Ukraine which is not a NATO member and so will draw no military counter-action.

While NATO is still stunned by Putin's surprise, Putin will be following up with engineered anti-Russian atrocities in the Baltic States.  

In response to the murders of ethnic Russians by FSB snipers, Putin will invade Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, all NATO members. According to Shirreff, war games show the invasions will take a maximum of 60 hours with NATO paralyzed in confronting the face of Armageddon.

As soon as Trump questioned NATO Putin knew he had the essential element for restoration of the Russian empire, and that's why Putin's agent is going to the White House.

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