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If being stupid were a crime, Trump supporters all would be convicted felons

If you want an example of the kind of know-nothingness, misinformation and gullibility that won this election for Donald Trump, check out this clip of CNN’s Alisyn Camerota talking to a few of his supporters.

One particularly loud and wrong woman complains that, “three million illegals voted” in California. That’s not true, no matter how much Donald Trump tweets about it, but his supporters live in the same fact-free world as their president-elect. When Camerota questions the woman about where she got her information, she cites CNN—an unwise move considering she’s talking to one of their anchors, who immediately corrects her—before claiming it was “coming all across the media.”

Moments later, the same woman matter-of-factly states that “Obama told [illegals] they could vote,” a statement that earns knowing (nothing) nods from the other Trump supporters on the panel. When Camerota asks for specifics on where this misinformation comes from, another woman sputters her response. “Google it,” she says. “You can find it on Facebook.”

Camerota does a quick search and quickly shows the panel it’s fake news, which I’m sure did little to dissuade a single one of them from repeating it many more times.

The same woman who does much of the talking in the segment goes on to say that “California allows” undocumented immigrants to vote. Take that in for a second: this woman believes California, as a stated policy, allows voter fraud. And she is willing to go on television to announce it.

That’s what we’re dealing with here: people who are so proud of their ignorance they can’t wait to get on television and declare it to millions. Check out the clip below.

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  1. Stupid is rampant in that crowd and they wear it as a badge of honor. Trump's latest "rally" brought out more stupid.