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Nothing accidental about this. Stupid? Yes. But not accidental.

M.D. Harmon, a conservative columnist who frequently wrote in favor of gun ownership rights for the Portland Press Herald, died this week after being accidentally shot by a teenage boy.

As the Press Herald itself reports, the 71-year-old Harmon was showing off one of his guns to a 16-year-old boy in his home in Sanford, Maine, on Wednesday. Harmon apparently let the teenager handle the weapon, which went off while the boy was holding it.

Both the teenager and his father were visiting Harmon for undisclosed reasons, and Harmon’s wife has called the shooting an “accidental tragedy.”

Harmon was a dedicated defender of gun ownership rights and would regularly rail against attempts to regulate firearms or even make the use of firearms safer.

In a 2013 column, for instance, Harmon attacked proposed legislation in Maine that would have required gun owners to take a firearm safety course — in fact, he referred to this section of the legislation as “the worst part of the bill.”

NO, you dimwit, this was not an "accidental tragedy."  This is an example of The Stupid in action.

I'm 72 and have been handling firearms since age 6 when my granddaddy gave me a single-shot .22 rifle.  Never had an accident with a firearm and don't know anyone who has.  Of course, I don't associate with stupid people with guns.

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  1. Accidents happen,but when a gun is involved...shit happens!