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Trump believed he could fool some of the people all the time. He was right.

Donald Trump bet on stupid, and he won.

A long line of voters regretting their votes for Donald Trump seem to be coming from two camps:

  • those who actually took Donald Trump at his word, and
  •  those who believe he was play-acting to get elected. 
His true believers seem to be shocked that he really doesn't plan to build the wall or that he really doesn't plan to put Hillary Clinton in jail. Those who believed he was playing a part to get elected are terrified that he might really be the evil creature he presented on the campaign trail.
Some panic is starting to set in as Trump voters are beginning to realize they have voted to cut their own social security, Medicare, and Obamacare.
  • The top enrollment numbers for Obamacare this cycle all are in Trump states,
  • Medicare and Medicaid are in House Speaker Paul Ryan's crosshairs, and,
  • Trump's team is promising to turn the banks loose to pursue scams that caused the Great Recession.

If Donald Trump is successful in repealing Obamacare tax subsidies in the exchanges, it will result in one of the largest tax increases on the middle class along with leaving tens of millions of Americans - in "red" states - suddenly without health insurance. 

If Trump and Republicans are successful in dismantling Medicaid - which Obamacare strengthens and reforms - millions of poor white people who Trump successfully conned won't be able to take their sick children to he doctor.

If Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are successful in privatizing and dismantling Medicare, the effects will be disastrous across the country, but particularly calamitous on red states. Three in four Medicare recipients are white, and they make up over 80% of the population in states Donald Trump won.

Trump voters voted for the most unqualified candidate for president in history because they somehow believed that a man who lives in a golden tower, who sits for his interviews on gold chairs, and who poops in a gold toilet really gives a damn about the middle class. 

They voted to ignore his racism, sexism, and every other form of bigotry because they believe that a man who made a career by swindling unsuspecting people of modest means out of their money was going to change his stripes and care about them. 

They were so disgusted at the New York elite that they willingly voted in one of them president.

The hell of it is, while Trump's policies will destroy the "white working class," the rest of us will go down with these fools.

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