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Meanwhile, a bit of good news from Alaska

After almost eight years of existence the Palin family slush fund is no more -- Sarah Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC, closed it's doors . . . broke..

Here is the termination report on which you can see SarahPAC started with $99,052.01 and spent $100,775.65. Their ending balance is a big fat zero.

The family actually made loads of money so you would expect that they would be fine for years to come, but knowing how they spend money hand over fist, I  seriously doubt they have that much left in the ole piggy bank.

So far they have sold that giant RV they used to travel across the country lying about possibly running for office, the house in Arizona, and Bristol's house. Which leaves the plane, the snow machines, various gas guzzling vehicles, the cabin, and the Fox News studio as possible assets to liquidate.

Todd and Dakota are signed up to run the Iron Dog together, so there must still be a sponsor or two lurking around, but I don't know if there are many other sources of revenue coming in with SarahPAC now shut down and Sarah's judge show idea getting the axe.

And with Track's legal bills, and Palin having to essentially support the entire family,  I don't think she can keep up the facade for much longer.

I guess that now explains this new crappy website of hers, and why her daughter is desperately hawking tea on Instagram.

It really does seem that Palin went all in for Trump, who she clearly thought would provide for her in return, and he essentially left her high and dry.

You know this is the kind of thing that might force certain family members to do something desperate.

You know, like get a job.

Update: The Washington Post has the story now too.

After pointing out that the PAC spent almost every penny that it received on the PAC or the Palin, they ended the article with this statement:   

Palin's inner circle — such as it ever existed — spent lots and lots of time in the 2009/2010 period insisting that she was focused like a laser on increasing the number of Republicans in Congress, governors' mansions and statehouses. But, following the money never bore that commitment out. Palin's outlay from her PAC was always heavily tilted toward, well, herself.

The shuttering of the PAC coupled with the clear signal its spending sends — this was always for and about Palin — should put to rest any talk to the contrary.


Which by the way has been what we have been saying since the PAC launched in 2009.

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