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Does anyone know just how low this asshole acting as president will sink???

President Donald Trump was asked by the crew on Fox & Friends about the failed raid in Yemen that took the life of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, and the president was quick to deflect blame onto others.

When asked about criticism from Owens’s father about the failed raid, Trump pointed out that planning for the mission actually started under former President Obama.

“This was a mission that was started before I got here,” Trump said. “This was something that was, uh, you know, they wanted to do. They came to see me, they explained what they wanted to do, the generals, who are very respected. My generals are the most respected that we’ve had in many decades, I believe. And they lost Ryan.”

Trump is a cross between a carnival barker and a trained seal.  Has he ever taken responsibility for anything?

Oh, boo-fucking-hoo -- Georgia white trash Trump voters get what they deserve

A couple who terrorized African Americans in the wake of the Charleston church massacre are sentenced to lengthy jail terms in Georgia.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“Just a month after Dylann Roof shot down nine African-American worshipers in a Charleston, S.C., church, Jose Ismael Torres and Kayla Rae Norton gathered with 13 other friends to make a statement about the Confederate battle flag.
Roof had championed it and said he wanted to start a race war. Over two days in July 2015, Norton and Torres’ group, which called itself “Respect the Flag,” decorated their convoy of pickup trucks and went on what authorities described as a drunken rampage through Paulding and Douglas counties.
To make their point about their right to fly the battle flag and what they thought of African-Americans, they threatened black motorists with epithets and a gun, heckled black customers at a Paulding County Walmart with the same epithet and repeated their actions at a convenience store. 

The store manager called 911.

Then they happened upon the outdoor birthday party for than 8-year-old African-American child at his grandmother’s house in Douglasville. The confrontation that ensued, and its aftermath, culminated Monday with lengthy prison sentences for Torres and Norton.

As the defendants wept uncontrollably, Superior Court Judge William McClain castigated Norton, 25, and Torres, 26, for perpetrating what he called a hate crime. He sentenced Torres to 20 years, with 13 to serve in prison; Norton was given 15 years, with six to serve. Upon their release, McClain banished them from Douglas County.”

They were riding around drunk as skunks, shouting racial epithets, threatening to kill people on the streets. They loaded a shotgun and pointed it at young children at the birthday party, threatening to kill the “little n####r bastards.”

They  have reaped what they sowed. Here they are in court, crying like the snowflakes they are.

Welcome to Trumpistan, formerly know as the "United States of America"

A 70-year-old children’s book author claims she was held for over two hours and insulted as she attempted to visit the U.S. from Australia earlier this month.

According to The Guardian, author Mem Fox says she has visited the U.S. over 100 times before but has never received the treatment she was subjected to when she flew into Los Angeles International Airport en route to a conference in Milwaukee.

“I have never in my life been spoken to with such insolence, treated with such disdain, with so many insults and with so much gratuitous impoliteness,” Fox explained, saying she was held in a room and questioned before a group of people at the airport.

“I am old and white, innocent and educated, and I speak English fluently,” Fox told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “Imagine what happened to the others in the room, including an old Iranian woman in her 80s, in a wheelchair.”

“The way I was treated would have made any decent American shocked to the core, because that’s not America as a whole, it really isn’t. It’s just that people have been given permission to let rip in a fashion that is alarming,” the author of the popular children’s books continued.

Fox added that she felt like she was a “prisoner at Guantanamo Bay,” and after her release she was “sobbing like a baby.”

After her release, Fox issued a complaint through both the Australian embassy in Washington and with the US embassy in Canberra, saying she then received a “charming letter of apology from U.S. officials.

The author is the creator of Possum Magic, a book that has sold over 3 million copies — making it the most poplar book picture in Australian history.

As more and more of these stories are spread worldwide, tourists will stop coming to the US.  Scholars will hold their conferences in Europe and Asia.

Don't you feel much safer?  I know I do.

The Old Redneck has a question:

How is it that a man who raped his wife and refers to his daughter as "a piece of ass" can determine which bathroom people use?

Time for action

Democratically elected U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan has turned off all of his public telephones and fax machines due to overwhelming protests in favor of Obamacare/ACA, Planned Parenthood, and Medicare, other issues such as tax returns, etc. He is also turning away voters delivering signed petitions. 

So here is the new tactic: 

Please mail postcards to his HOME address: 


Please PASTE and COPY this info and share. Let’s see what 67 million cards in the driveway looks like…

RIP: General Hal Moore

Retired Lt. Gen. Harold G. "Hal" Moore, the American hero known for saving most of his men in the first major battle between the U.S. and North Vietnamese armies, has died. He was 94.

Joseph Galloway, who with Moore co-authored the book "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young," confirmed Saturday to The Associated Press that Moore died late Friday in his sleep at his home in Auburn, Alabama.

LTC Hal Moore, Commander of the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, on the radio during the fight for LZ X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley of Vietnam. Photo extracted from US Army motion picture footage. (Nov 1965)"

This is what you call a good start

A Missouri man who identified himself as the leader of a Ku Klux Klan chapter has been found dead several days after he was reported missing, officials said.

The body of Frank Ancona of Leadwood, Mo., was discovered late Saturday on a river bank in a rural part of the state, Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen said in a statement posted to Facebook.

A family headed to fish in the Big River came across the body, KMOV News reported.
 I'm a native of SW Mississippi . . . Wilkinson County to be exact.  My granddaddy (1896 - 1972) hated the Klan and everything about it.  When I was growing up there in the 1950's, the county was like a lot of Mississippi in that the Klan ruled.  Because he refused to join or support the Klan, he carried a pistol and slept with a shotgun.

There's one way to deal with the Klan and this is it:

Train wreck is coming

People who aspire to elected office tend to have big egos.  After all, if you think you can wrestle with the problems at local, state, or national level, you do need some level of belief in yourself.  My experience is as the higher up you get, the bigger ego you have.  To be in the US Senate, House, or in the White House, you do need a very inflated sense of yourself and your judgement.  This can lead to one becoming a self-centered, deaf-to-anyone-else asshole.

A real executive encourages a bit of competition because that's the only way you get competing ideas and various points of view.  However, if the executive doesn't get the egos under control -- even if it means getting rid of some of them -- he's headed for a train wreck.

It seems as though now the Trump Freak Show has reached or passed that point at which we are now headed for a train wreck on a national scale.

Less than three weeks into his administration, Donald Trump is already considering overhauling the White House. And somehow, that may not even be at the top of his (growing) list of concerns.
A galling new investigation from Politico, based on interviews with two dozen people who have spent time with Trump since the inauguration, suggests the president is completely cowed by the complexities and responsibilities of managing a federal bureaucracy, his staffers bordering on mutinous: “[It’s] a powder-keg of a workplace where job duties are unclear, morale among some is low, factionalism is rampant and exhaustion is running high.”

Here are five of the more explosive findings from its bombshell report:
1. Trump possesses a tenuous grasp of how government actually works
Trump often asks simple questions about policies, proposals and personnel. And, when discussions get bogged down in details, the president has been known to quickly change the subject — to “seem in control at all times,” one senior government official said — or direct questions about details to his chief strategist Steve Bannon, his son-in-law Jared Kushner or House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump has privately expressed disbelief over the ability of judges, bureaucrats or lawmakers to delay — or even stop — him from filling positions and implementing policies.
2. Leaks from the White House are driving him up the wall
The administration is considering limiting the universe of aides with access to the calls or their transcripts, said one administration official, adding that the leaks — and Trump’s anger over them — had created a climate where people are “very careful who they talk to.”
Last week, Trump told an associate he had become weary of in-fighting among — and leaks from — his White House staff “because it reflects on me,” and that he intended to sit down staffers to tell them “to cut this shit out.”
3. Jared Kushner’s feud with Chris Christie is alive and well
Kushner, who is among Trump’s most trusted advisers, has been incensed by reports that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has ripped the White House over its implementation of Trump’s executive order restricting travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, is telling people that he expects to enter the White House as part of a “second wave” of staffers that will replace initial hires. Kushner has long had tensions with Christie—who as Attorney General of New Jersey prosecuted Kushner’s father—and played a key role in blocking him from getting a senior job in the administration.
4. Trump can’t quit his “SNL” habit, and it’s threatening Sean Spicer’s job security
Trump, a voracious consumer of cable news, has been known to critique aides and surrogates for their appearances. After Spicer’s press briefings, the president has told his spokesman that he’s unhappy about specific answers or his demeanor.
The president, who is obsessive about looks and appearance, even was unhappy with a Saturday Night Live parody of a Spicer briefing, partly because the combative press secretary was depicted by a female comedian, Melissa McCarthy. After it aired, Spicer had proposed cracking a joke about the send-up during his next briefing, or even firing a squirt gun, as McCarthy had done in the sketch. Trump vetoed the idea, according to one person briefed on the matter.
5. Administration officials can’t stand each other, and they’re all miserable
Two visitors to the White House last week said they were struck by how tired the staff looks.

For all of Trump’s frustrations about staff drama however, it isn’t clear they’re going away any time soon. Tensions remain between the staffs of chief of staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon. Priebus’s advisers blamed Bannon’s team for the botched rollout of the travel ban executive order, saying that they hadn’t done the needed legwork ahead of time.

Here's a suggestion for the so-called president

He doesn't need to build a border wall.

The so-called President should send a Tweet that says something like "The wall is finished and it's a beautiful wall!!"

He then could tweet photos of a wall, just any wall, doesn't matter.

The dimwits who voted for him will believe him and he can then move on to the next bullshit.

Nothing can go wrong . . . can go wrong . . . can go wrong . . .

Courtesy of AmmoLand:

At 27, Carey McWilliams became the first totally blind person in the USA to acquire a concealed-carry permit. 

Despite weapons training during his ROTC years, McWilliams has faced opposition to his right to bear arms from both the media and public officials. 

Once fervently against hunting, McWilliams now views hunting as a way to connect to a system greater than himself and cope with PTSD brought on by a recent violent dog attack. 

In his downtime, he carries a loaded pistol to the grocery store. 

So . . .  great . .  there is now a blind man walking around with a loaded weapon and an overwhelming fear of dogs.

I don't see how that can go wrong.

Listen carefully you piece of shit republicans:

I am a Democrat.  

I am a member of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  

I am not a member of the DEMOCRAT PARTY.  

There is no such entity as the DEMOCRAT PARTY.  


The next time one of you slimy piece of shit republicans refers to me to my face as a member of the DEMOCRAT PARTY, I will correct you.  I will then refer to you as a member of the Piece of Shit Publican Party.  And if you don't like it, you are kindly invited to GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Why are we paying to keep Melanoma Trump and Barron Trump in NYC??

Barron Trump’s elementary school education might just rank as the most expensive educational program in world history — bar none.  Forget the $45,000 or so annual tuition bill, the security tab for maintaining Melania and Barron Trump in New York City, so as not to disrupt his elementary school program mid-year, is somewhere between $2,000,000 to $4,000,000 day in, day out.* 

 Just imagine this: America’s taxpayers are going to shell out somewhere in the range of $350,000,000 to $700,000,000 for security costs just for Barron to finish out this school year.  And, if this situation continues for four years, we are talking perhaps in the range of $2,800,000,000 to $6,000,000,000+ for this security.  That is right, maintaining Melania and Barron in New York City could cost the taxpayer $6 Billion (yes, Billion with a CAPITAL B!) if Donald Trump makes it through a full term without either the 25th Amendment or impeachment coming into play.

This easily ranks as one of the greatest absurdities in U.S. government expenditures in history — a huge expenditure that is seemingly being accepted by our political ‘leadership’ without serious question. (A question that we’re likely to be asking quite often in coming months/years on issue after issue: Where is Jason “Benghazi”  Caffretz when we need him?)  When faced with such absurdities, a basic question:

What could we do with the money?

Build Schools

Across the United States, too many children go to school in aging and overcrowded school facilities.
School districts in the United States spent more than $14 billion ($14,123,865,000) on construction projects completed during the 2014 calendar year. Almost $7.8 billion of that was spent on new schools, accounting for 55 percent of the construction dollars.
The amount of money being expended on Trump Tower security could boost total spending on school construction by over 10% — with jobs and economic activity improving people’s lives in Red, Blue, Purple, American communities around the nation.
Take a gander at just how many new schools could be built with the cost to taxpayers of keeping Barron Trump in his private New York City school:
  • 400 elementary schools at $15M each
  • 240 middle schools at $25M each
  • 133   high schools at $45M each.
As a building program, 275 total schools across the nation
  • 160 elementary schools ($2.4B)
  • 80 Middle Schools ($2B)
  • 35 High Schools ($1.6B)
There is a shortfall in US school construction — even Barron’s school costs wouldn’t make up the shortfall in requirements, but they would help. And, they would create good jobs in communities throughout the nation.

Clean energy investments

One of the stunning developments across the past decade has been the dramatic — and continuing — plunge in renewable energy prices.  Solar, for example, is heading toward <$1 per watt installed.  For the price of having Barron avoid mid-year disruption, the United States could install in the range of 1-2 gigawatts of additional solar electricity generation per annum. Over four years, in the range of 6-8+ total gigawatts of solar electricity capacity — or roughly the equivalent of a large nuclear power plant.

More honestly, we could use those resources to spark (such as with an increased tax credit) solar, wind, and other renewable electricity capacity such that the real impact wouldn’t be 6-8GW of ‘bought’ solar power but perhaps 30GW+ of capacity sparked through various forms of assistance (lower interest rates, permitting help, tax credits, …).

While the cost of keeping Barron in a New York City elementary school wouldn’t solve the Climate Crisis or come anywhere near to matching China’s massive ($350B in five year) commitment to clean energy, it would enable Americans and American to reap benefits from a clean-energy future.

College education

In 2016, the average Pell Grant was $3,700.  Roughly an additional 500,000 to 1,000,000 additional Pell Grants could be issued for the cost of Barron Trump’s elementary school program.  Or, with these resources the Federal government could provide 100,000 American students with $15,000/year through a four-year university program.
Not surprisingly, public television is rumored to be on @TeamTrump’s @GOP chopping block. (PBS action item.)  PBS KIDS and other public media reach 68% of all kids age two to eight. Over 80% of American households watch PBS during the year.

While we know that Federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is a tiny portion of Federal expenditures, just how much are talking? $445 million per annum.

That’s right, the entire Federal support for the CPB is perhaps less than half what it will cost to keep Barron in his private New York City elementary school and Melania in her (Donald’s) gilded palace.

The cost of keeping Barron in a New York City private school could go a long way

In American politics, there is a long history of polemics asking “how many X could be bought for Y?”  Very typically, this has been those challenging defense procurement — such as ‘how many hospitals could you build for the price of one B2 bomber?’  In those past cases, however, a reasoned debate could occur as to the necessity of that expensive item. In the U.S. political system, most people would accept that it is legitimate to expend for the national defense and even that the Air Force should have bombers. The debate was over an — real or perceived — egregious price tag for that bomber.

Barron is a 10 year old child.  Hundreds of thousands of children move between schools every year — many of them in the middle of the school year. Sometimes this is joyous, sometimes traumatic,but something normal in American life.  Donald Trump chose to run for President knowing that, if he were to win, the exact move-in date. And, let’s not get too excited about Barron’s trauma in having the chance to live in the most famous home in America and experience the White House in a way that few have in its history. Expecting the American people to pay (literally) billions of dollars to maintain a separate household for Melania and Barron is yet another example of Trump’s narcissistic disdain for others and the Common Good.
It is well past time for Melania and Barron to move to the White House and for these resources to spent on the common good.

America’s youth don’t deserve to have Big Bird killed off so that Barron Trump can stay in Trump Tower rather than live in the White House.

  • *The actual costs for maintaining FLOTUS and Barron in New York City are likely much higher and pretty much impossible to accurately count.  For example, what is the cost to New York City from externalities like disruption of traffic and commerce or, even harder to calculate, the disruption to other policing due to Trump Tower security requirements?
  • Grifters will be Grifters:  At least some $Ms/year of the costs will be payments to Donald Trump: rental of two full floors to the U.S. military and Secret Service.  Likely at the highest possible rate as, of course, Donald Trump isn’t about to let a penny of graft potential pass him by.

It's all bullshit

All through the campaign and now since his inauguration, the so-called president has spread fear, fear, fear -- 

-- America is strewn with carnage
--  ISIS is coming to get us
-- dangerous hordes are pouring across our border
-- our inner cites are burning

It's all bullshit.

This is how dictators rise -- keep the citizenry on edge with fear while convincing everyone that he and he alone can save them from the fear he is lying about.

Working class Trump voter speaks

A deputy sheriff in Kentucky has been suspended after he posted a Facebook message that gloated about a “Muslim holler monkey” getting “evicted” at around the same time as President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Local news station WSAZ reports that a Boyd County deputy sheriff came under fire last month for posting a message on his personal Facebook page that read, “That Muslim holler monkey has been evicted… now he and his shemale need to get gone!”

Boyd County Sheriff Bobby Woods announced this week that the deputy had been suspended for 24 days without pay for writing the post, which his office claims is “the maximum disciplinary action allowed by policy.”

It is not clear whether the deputy intended for the post to be about former President Barack Obama leaving the White House. The post was written in late January, however, and it did use slurs commonly used against both former President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Everyone keeps telling me how I should respect the feelings, the fears, and the attitudes of these working class Trump voters.  Kiss that shit good-bye and fuck 'em everyone.

So-called "President Trump" is a clown . . .

The so-called President:

-- Is fascinated by the White House telephone system

-- Is unhappy with the hand towels on Air Force One

-- Doesn't know the difference between a strong dollar and a weak dollar, furthermore, he doesn't know how to find out

What can I say?

Just holy shit:
President Donald Trump was confused about the dollar: Was it a strong one that’s good for the economy? Or a weak one?
So he made a call ― except not to any of the business leaders Trump brought into his administration or even to an old friend from his days in real estate. Instead, he called his national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, according to two sources familiar with Flynn’s accounts of the incident.
Flynn has a long record in counterintelligence but not in macroeconomics. And he told Trump he didn’t know, that it wasn’t his area of expertise, that, perhaps, Trump should ask an economist instead.
This is Donald J. Trump here, self-proclaimed business genius and so-called president, having no effing clue about, you know, money, and dialing up his national security advisor—a disgraced Army officer who was pushed out of the Defense Intelligence Agency for being an unhinged prat—at 3 o’clock in the morning (in his bathrobe?) seeking advice on matters economic.

Even for Trump, that rates a serious fucking “wow.” At least Flynn had the good sense to demur, but that response, according to the Huffington Post, still pissed off the “POTUS.” And there’s an even scarier thought: an enraged, befuddled commander-in-chief, alone in the middle of the night, unable to figure out how dollars work, looking for a suitable target for his ire. Next time he gets spurned after a midnight drunk-dial, who knows how he’ll react?

WTF?!?!?!?!? Melania Trump plans to use her position as First Lady to sell her clothing, fragrances, and other cheap Made In China shit

First Lady Melania Trump has filed a third lawsuit against The Daily Mail for defamation after the site published a story alleging Mrs. Trump had been an “escort” at one time. As the lawsuit has moved forward, Mrs. Trump was required to prove that the defamation damaged her in some way. Her example of damages are that she can no longer launch a clothing and fragrance line using her office as First Lady of the United States. 

According to a report from the New York Post, the court documents allege the Daily Mail caused such financial harm that Mrs. Trump could no longer use her position in government to enrich herself, her brand and products. 

“Plaintiff had the unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as an extremely famous and well-known person…to launch a broad-based commercial brand in multiple product categories, each of which could have garnered multi-million dollar business relationships for a multi-year term during which plaintiff is one of the most photographed women in the world,” the lawsuit outlines.

“These product categories would have included, among other things, apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, hair care, skin care and fragrance,” it continues.

Mrs. Trump is alleging $150 million in damages in their filing to the Manhattan Supreme Court.

The Emoluments Clause is a U.S. government law that specifically prohibits any leader from using government services to “enrich” the president, his family and the Trump brand. Trump’s son Eric was called out for possible breach of this clause when he spent nearly $100,000 in security and embassy costs while on a business trip to promote the Trump Organization. 

The Trumps have yet to release their tax returns to reveal any financial holdings to compare the impact their government positions has on their finances over time. 

JESUSCHRISTONACRUTCH -- so now the so-called President, the carnival barker clown and his family of hookers and freaks plans to use the White House to sell their cheap, Made-in-China shit???  I hope you Trump voters are happy.

First ladies over the generations have done various things with the power they are handed by being First Lady. They have worked to end illiteracy, childhood poverty, to boost education and the general well being of Americans. One of them even saved the paintings and the documents that were in the white house before the British came along and burned it.

And now we have one who wants to PROFIT on being the first lady. Here you go, republicans, THIS is your "classy" first lady. THIS is who you praised as being a classy woman while you denigrated Michelle Obama. This woman is nothing but another fucking GRIFTER. THIS is what you think is classy? You assholes have a REALLY FUCKED UP idea of what classy is.

Wy does it take the British press to show us the truth??

The Economist editors take aim at Trump and issue dire warnings for America and the world
By VTGenie
Saturday Feb 04, 2017 · 10:23 PM EST

There is no mincing words: this is a radical cover for a magazine that is not exactly known for its radicalism.

The main editorial gets right to the point (my emphasis throughout):

WASHINGTON is in the grip of a revolution. The bleak cadence of last month’s inauguration was still in the air when Donald Trump lobbed the first Molotov cocktail of policies and executive orders against the capital’s brilliant-white porticos. He has not stopped. Quitting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, demanding a renegotiation of NAFTA and a wall with Mexico, overhauling immigration, warming to Brexit-bound Britain and Russia, cooling to the European Union, defending torture, attacking the press: onward he and his people charged, leaving the wreckage of received opinion smouldering in their wake.

They also astutely describe the transition of Trump the candidate to Trump the Pr*sident, particularly his use of outrage to both inflame and inspire his supporters.

His grenade-chuckers-in-chief, Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller, have now carried that logic into government... Every time demonstrators and the media rail against Mr Trump, it is proof that he must be doing something right. If the outpourings of the West Wing are chaotic, it only goes to show that Mr Trump is a man of action just as he promised. The secrecy and confusion of the immigration ban are a sign not of failure, but of how his people shun the self-serving experts who habitually subvert the popular will.

Trump’s politics of conflict extends, of course, to foreign policy, and that is where they see serious problems looming.

Americans who reject Mr Trump will, naturally, fear most for what he could do to their own country. They are right to worry ..., but they gain some protection from their institutions and the law. In the world at large, however, checks on Mr Trump are few. The consequences could be grave.

Without active American support and participation, the machinery of global co-operation could well fail.

Because habits of co-operation that were decades in the making cannot easily be put back together again, the harm would be lasting. In the spiral of distrust and recrimination, countries that are dissatisfied with the world will be tempted to change it—if necessary by force.

A web of bilateralism and a jerry-rigged regionalism are palpably worse for America than the world Mr Trump inherited. It is not too late for him to conclude how much worse, to ditch his bomb-throwers and switch course. The world should hope for that outcome. But it must prepare for trouble.

When will the American press wake up to the damage 
this so-called President is causing to us and the world??

Tomorrw, February 3, 1959: The Day The Music Died

On February 3, 1959, three of the greatest rock and roll musicians of all times --  Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson -- were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, together with pilot Roger Peterson. 

The event later became known as "The Day the Music Died", after singer-songwriter Don McLean so referred to it in his 1971 song "American Pie".

Political has-been and personal failure Sarah Palin is begging for $$ with her new click-bait website

Courtesy of the Daily Banter: 

It was a real life love story, almost on par with Sean Hannity's intense man crush and unwavering devotion to the orange real estate tycoon. Palin was Trump's gal, and she went to work activating the millions of mean spirited, intellectually limited Americans she helped rally for John McCain in 2008. Palin stuck with Trump through thick and thin, defending his pussy grabbing and going to bat for him when his campaign looked to be at death's door. 

 Sadly for Palin, the love story was short lived, and when Trump won, she was left out in the cold as ruthlessly as Trump's ex wives were when he found a newer, younger model. After stringing her along with the promise of a cabinet position, Trump dumped Palin for Rep. Ryan Zinke without any warning.  Initially, Palin lashed out at Trump with a scathing op-ed accusing him of 'crony capitalism'. It was an astonishing move by Palin that almost certainly did not go unnoticed by Trump's people. Palin clearly realized she had miscalculated her influence in the radically transforming political climate, and went radio silent for a few weeks until re-emerging with a renewed sense of loyalty to her former sugar daddy. 

The Banter then points out that Palin is essentially out of options since her political career drank itself to death years ago, her television career was short and brutal, and her books are now being used to wipe asses and prop open doors.

So Palin turned to having a website created for her which uses the Facebook algorithms to attract clicks and bring in ad revenue.

A cursory scroll through her newsfeed shows article after article after article with headlines like the ones above, all of them linking to poorly written puff pieces littered with cheap ads and with enough key words to show up in Google searches. 

This business model, perfected by the likes of Buzzfeed and UpWorthy almost a decade ago, is fast running out of steam. Facebook and Google are moving to prevent the proliferation of clickbait, and Palin's websites will no doubt be feeling the effects. To combat this, Palin and the people she is working with are simply producing more of it, meaning fewer ad dollars per piece, but likely enough to cover the bills -- at least for now. 

I will not write items that link to Palin's website -- because, as the Daily Banter points out, it is just click bait.

Which might be forgivable if there was actually anything to the posts except exaggerated headlines and clearly ghostwritten garbage.

Let's face it, now that her future prospects look dismal at best, Sarah Palin is trying to reinvent herself as the very thing that she used to hate the most.

A successful blogger.