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Political has-been and personal failure Sarah Palin is begging for $$ with her new click-bait website

Courtesy of the Daily Banter: 

It was a real life love story, almost on par with Sean Hannity's intense man crush and unwavering devotion to the orange real estate tycoon. Palin was Trump's gal, and she went to work activating the millions of mean spirited, intellectually limited Americans she helped rally for John McCain in 2008. Palin stuck with Trump through thick and thin, defending his pussy grabbing and going to bat for him when his campaign looked to be at death's door. 

 Sadly for Palin, the love story was short lived, and when Trump won, she was left out in the cold as ruthlessly as Trump's ex wives were when he found a newer, younger model. After stringing her along with the promise of a cabinet position, Trump dumped Palin for Rep. Ryan Zinke without any warning.  Initially, Palin lashed out at Trump with a scathing op-ed accusing him of 'crony capitalism'. It was an astonishing move by Palin that almost certainly did not go unnoticed by Trump's people. Palin clearly realized she had miscalculated her influence in the radically transforming political climate, and went radio silent for a few weeks until re-emerging with a renewed sense of loyalty to her former sugar daddy. 

The Banter then points out that Palin is essentially out of options since her political career drank itself to death years ago, her television career was short and brutal, and her books are now being used to wipe asses and prop open doors.

So Palin turned to having a website created for her which uses the Facebook algorithms to attract clicks and bring in ad revenue.

A cursory scroll through her newsfeed shows article after article after article with headlines like the ones above, all of them linking to poorly written puff pieces littered with cheap ads and with enough key words to show up in Google searches. 

This business model, perfected by the likes of Buzzfeed and UpWorthy almost a decade ago, is fast running out of steam. Facebook and Google are moving to prevent the proliferation of clickbait, and Palin's websites will no doubt be feeling the effects. To combat this, Palin and the people she is working with are simply producing more of it, meaning fewer ad dollars per piece, but likely enough to cover the bills -- at least for now. 

I will not write items that link to Palin's website -- because, as the Daily Banter points out, it is just click bait.

Which might be forgivable if there was actually anything to the posts except exaggerated headlines and clearly ghostwritten garbage.

Let's face it, now that her future prospects look dismal at best, Sarah Palin is trying to reinvent herself as the very thing that she used to hate the most.

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