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Just when you thought The Stupid could not get any deeper . . . here comes Sarah Palin

Courtesy of  Sarah Failin's Facebook page:

 Mama Grizzlies on the March! I'm Looking forward to joining Candy Carson, Missy Robertson and many other Mama Grizzlies as we march across America this September. Hope to see you there! --->

 According to the website:  

On September 23, 2017, HomeMakers for America, in partnership with conservative, faith-based and constitutional advocacy groups across the nation, will hold a Moms March for America! 

Moms and families will unite across the nation to promote a message of hope and decency as we stand for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution. The center of the march is Omaha, Nebraska, but you don’t have to come to Omaha to join the march. The event will be broadcast live so you can join the march wherever you are!

(If you click on the link above, be careful, you'll go to Palin's website which is filled with fake links that will fill your inbox with spam.)

If you are finished chuckling about the idea of Sarah Palin as a homemaker I will proceed.

As you might imagine this is an uber Christian organization that sees the woman's natural role as that of a homemaker and mother, and is attempting to reinforce that those are the most lofty goals for females in this country.

The fact that they have invited Sarah Palin to be a speaker is ironic to say the least.

Here was a woman who could not wait to hand the responsibility of raising her children and maintaining her home to literally anybody who was willing to take that on.

She had staff members, family members, hired helpers, and eventually her own children handle those responsibilities from almost the very beginning.

The other women listed as speakers include Candy Carson (HUD Secretary Ben Carson's wife), and Missy Robertson (one of the Duck Dynasty morons).

Both of them are also fundamentalist Christians and so this is all in keeping with Palin's most recent attempts to remake herself as some kind of internet evangelist.

However if anybody thinks this means that Palin actually supports women, well then I have some Arizona beachfront I would like to sell you.

I am not sure what the payoff is for Palin aside from the fact that somebody is actually paying attention to her and asking her to speak.

I guess this will at least give her something to do other than putting one word exclamations on Facebook posts that link to Right Wing propaganda outlets.

 No word on whether or not Sarah's daughter, Bristol, and her two illegitimate kids will join the march.  Also, no word on just how far Sarah will "march" -- I'm betting she marches to a microphone, makes a shrieking speech, then marches back to the taxi to the airport.

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